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Will Chicago Crave Chicago Crave (Bikini Basketball)?

December 7, 2012 @ No Comments

The Bikini Basketball Association has a new team in Chicago to replace the new team in Chicago. Confused? Perfectly understandable. The initial BBA team, the Chicago Desire, was disbanded last month after alleged sexual improprieties.

Korie Kellogg is the Chicago Crave’s owner — and maybe will be one of its players, too. Tryouts are set for Dec. 16.

Filling the void in the Chicago market for the first-year league — scheduled to begin play in summer 2013 — is the Chicago Crave. Korie Kellogg is the owner. Other teams in the league: Miami Spice, New York Knockouts, Hollywood Hotties, Orlando Lady Cats, L.A. Ice, Minnesota Mist and Atlanta Peaches.

The former wife of onetime Chicago Bulls center Eddy Curry, Kellogg was among the players who participated in the Desire tryouts in October and made the cut.

She soon will have tryouts of her own for the Crave with the possibility she might try out for the team herself.

Crave tryouts will be Sunday, Dec. 16, from noon-3 p.m. at Lifetime Fitness, 16333 S. LaGrange Rd., Orland Park. Aspiring athletes should wear sports bra, spandex shorts and gym shoes. The players must be at least 18 years old. They should bring two photos of themselves and a biographical information sheet. Tryouts are free.

Players will be chosen on athleticism, attitude, leadership, skill, personality and looks.

Kellogg envisions the Crave as an example of empowered women whose appeal would extend to other women, youngsters and grandparents as well as to men. She plans to champion the cause of ending violence against women as part of the Crave’s mission.

Having chronicled the Lingerie Football League’s Chicago Bliss, I like to think I’m sufficiently qualified to follow the fortunes of the Crave — even if doing so means forgoing the Bears-Packers game that Sunday. Oh, the sacrifices some of us make in the name of journalism (or whatever it is that we do on this site).

If things go according to plan around here (and occasionally they actually do), at the very least your correspondent will attend tryouts and return with video and photos to post.

For a brief idea of what Korie’s vision for the team is, you can check her out here:


Proof that Payal Patel of the Chicago Soul FC survived his time with David Spada and Elliott Harris on their “Sports & Torts” show.

For those who missed the Dec. 6 edition of “Sports & Torts” with co-hosts David Spada and Elliott Harris on with guests Payal Patel and Bob Rosenberg (and even for those who tuned in for the show), the highly acclaimed program (well, it certainly is in the Spada and Harris households, as well as reportedly elsewhere), you can access the show because the fine folks at have placed it in their archives.

Payal is the director of media and public relations for the Chicago Soul FC. The Major Indoor Soccer League team’s home opener is Friday (Dec. 7) at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates.

Bob is the longtime official scorer for the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox, among other sports teams.

To check out the podcast, all you have to do is click here.


A few more videos from the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? Why not?


Time for some gratuitious videos? The video-research department at likes to think there is no such thing around here as gratuitous. Not that it really matters — as long as the videos run.


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