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Super Bowl Aftermath: Words vs. Sleep? No Contest

February 3, 2015

Random thoughts (as close to them as we generally come around here) while wondering why an NFL owner would wear a tie to watch — from a suite — his team play: * If there’s a bright side to recovering from a mystery malady that had your humble correspondent sleeping most of Monday away, it’s […]

Super Day Spent in Far From Super Way

February 2, 2015

Monday meanderings: Brevity being the soul of wit, today’s effort figures to be one of the wittiest this site has seen (and, yes, the bar has not been set high in that regard). Not that Super Bowl XLIX failed to provide fodder for discussion. The New England Patriots’ 28-24 victory over the defending champion Seattle […]

Forecast: Super Bowl Mixed With Superfluous Snow

February 1, 2015

Sunday smorgasbord: As today’s effort is being crafted ever so carefully typed, it is snowing. Well, depending where you happen to be. Around here and other parts of the United States, it is snowing. Or has snowed recently. Or will snow. That pretty much covers it, all in a nice, white blanket. Unless you were […]

Patriots’ Activity Apparently Took a Lot of Balls

January 21, 2015

Midweek musings: To those who contended that any allegation of the New England Patriots’ underinflating the footballs in Sunday’s AFC championship game was a lot of hot air, take a deep breath. The NFL reportedly has determined that was not the case. Nor was it it a lot of cold air. Seems that the Pats […]

Packers’ Loss Fails to Make Bears Any Better

January 19, 2015

Monday meanderings: The Green Bay Packers’ season ended ingloriously Sunday in the NFC championship game. And so Chicago Bears fans can take some sense of satisfaction at seeing their biggest rival suffer a devastating defeat 28-22 in overtime against the host Seattle Seahawks. Well, some sense of satisfaction until the aforementioned fans realize that chances […]

Let Me Know When Bears Have New Coach

January 14, 2015

Midweek musings: There’s nothing quite like the excitement generated among Chicago Bears fans by reports that an experienced NFL head coach is interviewing for the Bears’ job. In no small part because team management has nothing quite like a track record of hiring experienced head coaches. As in the next coach with previous employment as […]

Packers Benefit From Good Call on Bad Rule

January 12, 2015

Monday meanderings: And now a word on behalf of the NFL rule that prevented Dallas receiver Dez Bryant from being credited with a fourth-quarter reception in the Cowboys’ NFC semifinals defeat Sunday at Green Bay: Boooooooooooo! * Not that overturning the initial call of a catch was wrong. It’s a bad rule. Oh, and any […]

Breaking News: Bears Had Bad 2014 Season

December 29, 2014

Monday meanderings: Yes, the Chicago Bears concluded their 2014 season Sunday with a 13-9 road loss to the Minnesota Vikings. You were expecting something else? Oh, to be so delusional. * Speaking of delusional, Bears coach Marc Trestman said in his postgame press conference he expected to be back next season after a 5-11 2014. […]

Bears Close Out Home Season With Close Loss

December 22, 2014

Monday meanderings: If Jimmy Clausen is sending out Christmas cards this year, he might want to send ones to Chicago Bears management for giving him a chance to resurrect his career. Albeit for one game (and possibly two). With Jay Cutler benched for Sunday’s contest vs. Detroit at Soldier Field, Clausen was amazingly adequate. Even […]

Bears Coordinator Kromer Definitely Offensive

December 12, 2014

So how do the Bears take away some of the media attention from the Cubs’ and White Sox’ wheeling and dealing at baseball’s Winter Meetings? By having a Chicago Tribune report that offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer apologized (with tears) to the offense for being the source of anonymous negative statements about quarterback Jay Cutler. Nicely […]

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