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New Olympic Events? Uphill Battle for Some of Us

February 9, 2014

Sunday smorgasbord: One of the great joys of the Olympic Games — well, at least for some of us — was knowing the events that occur every four years. Not so anymore. Slopestyle? Obviously, an event designed to attract an X Games demographic. Whatever that demographic might be. Younger, hipper? Whatever. In that an American […]

Olympics Open and Eyes Close (Again and Again)

February 8, 2014

The great thing about sleeping through part of the televised opening ceremonies of the 2014 winter Olympic Games was knowing they would be replayed. So, of course, some of us who dozed off during the festivities from Sochi, Russia, did tune in for the rebroadcast. And, of course, some of us (OK, namely your humble […]

Costas Finds Opening to Honor ’72 Munich Victims

July 28, 2012

To some viewing the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games on Friday (July 27) in London, the sights and sounds were overwhelming. To some there also was an overwhelming silence. You can credit — or, in the case of the latter, discredit — the International Olympic Committee. It refused to offer a moment of silence […]

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