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Triple Play: Danielle, Aubrie and Katarina

December 4, 2011 @ No Comments

You can take the girl out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Chicago out of the girl. Consequently, Danielle Moinet is on the Bears bandwagon for Sunday’s game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Soldier Field. A former Chicago Bliss all-fantasy player in the Lingerie Football League, Danielle has returned to North Carolina (where she grew up), but her heart in part remains in Chicago.

Former Lingerie Football League player Danielle Moinet may have a future as a superhero or a wrestling diva.

In her Week 13 NFL picks for she predicts a Bears victory (not that doing so is exactly going out on a limb). She writes:

Who would have known that at this time Caleb Haine would be go against Kyle Orton in a key game for both teams? I love the way my Bears defense have been playing. Orton is in his first full week of practice for the Chiefs who are lucky to be still in the AFC West’s divisional race.

Can’t argue with any of that. Danielle’s other fearless football forecasts: Atlanta over Houston, Buffalo over Tennessee, Miami over Oakland and San Diego over Jacksonville. For more detailed insight into her selections (and other goodies), you can check out the site at

Sports fans have not seen the last of Danielle. Word is she embarking on a wrestling career of sorts. She made her debut as a valet for Abraham Washington a couple of weeks ago at a Florida Championship Wrestling event. Might the wonderful world of World Wrestling Entertainment be beckoning? Definitely worth keeping an eye on Danielle. In case anyone was looking for an excuse to do so. And Danielle is definitely a WWE fan.

So we’ll keep our eyes out for any developments. Hey, it’s the least we can do for our faithful readers. And even for the non-faithful ones, too.


Aubrie Nelson was in studio for "Sports & Torts" but sad to say it was not in this outfit. Maybe next time.

For those who might be unaware (and if you are, I have no one to blame but myself), attorney David Spada and Elliott Harris co-host “Sports & Torts” on Thursdays at noon Chicago time at The program consists of an attractive female (gee, who ever would have imagined that?) and usually a couple of Hall of Fame caliber former athletes, coaches/managers, executives.

On Thursday’s program, former Kansas and Boston Celtics star Jo Jo White, Baylor basketball coach Scott Drew and figure competitor Aubrie Nelson (not in that order of importance or appearance on the show to at least one of the co-hosts).

David was not in the studio because he had to be in court for a DUI charge (not his own). Aubrie’s presence in studio more than made up for his absence. Nothing personal David, but I would make that trade any day. :)

For those who wonder what “Sports & Torts” might sound and look like, you can find the link at Rumor has it that “Sports & Torts” is considering expanding to a daily presence, which would mean at least five times as many fetching females to feature on the show.


Speaking of beautiful women (and even if we weren’t, something says we’d find an excuse for the following), here is Katarina Van Derham, the former St. Pauli Girl who managed to surive two interviews with Elliott during his days as a newspaper columnist. Need to find a way to coax her to Chicago so she too can be an in-studio presence on “Sports & Torts.”

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