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Rose’s Return Thorny Issue for Bulls

May 16, 2012 @ No Comments

Midweek musings: Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose should be back from surgery to his left anterior cruciate ligaement in 8-12 months. So Brian Cole said Tuesday (May 15). He is the doctor who performed the surgery on Rose on Saturday. Bulls fans hoping Rose can return to Most Valuable Player level will take a lot shorter time frame. As far as such an expectation, not sure they have a leg to stand on. Well, maybe a leg, but not two.

Dasha of the Chicago Luvabulls dance team member Dasha adds more than a dash of beauty for today's effort.

* Bulls forward Luol Deng’s participation in the Olympics this summer in London should not be questioned. NBA players have the right to partcipate — no questions asked. It’s part of the players’ collective bargaining agreement. Deng played for the Chicago Bulls with an injury that requires surgery. He will have the surgery after the Summer Games, meaning he won’t be playing for the first few months of the 2012-13 NBA season. Any outcry comes from a certain provincialism and jingoism. Deng will be playing for Great Britain, which gave his family asylum from civil war in Sudan. If Deng’s family had gone to the United States and he was playing for the American team, would there by whining how Deng owes it to his employer — the Bulls — and should not play? Or would he be viewed as a patriot trying to pay back a great country for its kindness?

* If Bulls general manager Gar Forman does not make a major offseason acquisition, it will be a long season in 2012-13. Or a short one that will be over quickly — depending on how you view things. Unless the Bulls braintrust thinks a healthy Rose and Deng are sufficient to take the Eastern Conference title. Which would make some wonder about trusting the braintrust’s brains.

* Speaking of Eastern Conference titles, the Miami Heat’s loss Tuesday to the visiting Indiana Pacers had to be gratifying for those rooting against LeBron James, Dwyane Wade & Co. If the Pacers can dispatch Miami (which is playing without injured Chris Bosh), maybe the Bulls don’t need to make wholesale changes. Well, with budget constraints, you know the Bulls surely wouldn’t make retail changes.

* The Pacers shot 37.8 percent from the field to the Heat’s 34.6 percent. Yes, that stinks — for a preseason game, much less a postseason one. Speaking of stinking and retail and wholesale things, your correspondent was at T.J. Maxx the other day and happened across Chicago Bulls cologne (or eau de toilette, or something like that). Not sure I would buy that but certainly would do so before purchasing anything that smells like the Chicago Blackhawks locker room.

* Speaking of the Bulls (and even if we were not), here is some video featuring Dasha of the Luvabulls dance team. To view, you can click here.


Keeping with a basketball theme today, the WNBA Chicago Sky ended its exhibition schedule (teams and leagues like to call them “preseason” presumably to give the games greater gravity) with an 82-61 loss to the Minnesota Lynx. The Sky opens the regular season Saturday at Washington. Here is general manager/coach Pokey Chatman discussing the team’s prospects:


With temperatures in the mid-80s in Chicago, it seems only reasonable to run some video featuring fetching females in bikinis (even if they weren’t in Chicago). The first one features Nicole Moneer Guerrero, a favorite around here:

More from the Pittsburgh show:


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