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Luvabulls Picture Perfect & Other Dance Info

September 19, 2011 @ No Comments

One of the joys of the Internet is wandering it aimlessly and finding out things you never knew. Such was the case Monday in a cursory glance at Twitter. There, much to my delight (and no doubt to the delight of many others) was Ashley Bond with a tweet about a calendar shoot Tuesday.

Ashley Bond

Not just any calendar shoot. With the hashtag #luvabulls, her tweet could mean but one thing: the 2011-12 Chicago Luvabulls calendar shoot. And you thought there wasn’t much NBA activity going on this offseason with the owners locking out the players. We all can look forward to seeing Luvabull Ashley and her teammates on a poster sometime this season. Provided that there is a season.

Elsewhere in the world of NBAdom (or is that NBA dumb?), Los Angeles Lakers player Ron Artest has changed his name to Metta World Peace. It’s unclear what such late-breaking news (end of last week) means for Monday night’s debut of this season’s “Dancing With the Star” in which he will be competing.

Gee, everyone will have to tune in to find out.

Or not.

Never fear. The editorial staff at will try to keep up with the latest DWTS news.

When it comes to the NBA and dancing, however, some of us will stick with the Luvabulls, thank you.


For those who would like a little preview of DWTS, here you go:

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