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Better Late Than Never: White Sox End Skid

August 10, 2014

Sunday smorgasbord: For those who stated up Saturday night, the Chicago White Sox ended a four-game losing streak with a 2-1 victory Saturday at Seattle. OK, even if you didn’t stay up, the Sox still won. They scored an unearned run in the 10th on a two-out Conor Gillaspie single. Sox starter Hector Noesi allowed […]

Cubs 0-3 Since Samardzija Deal; A’s 3-0

July 8, 2014

Random thoughts (or whatever you want to call them) while wondering why people feel compelled to bash or laud the World Cup (as if their interest or lack of it means anything to anyone else). * Speaking of kicking things around, let the record show that the Chicago Cubs’ record since they traded away pitchers […]

Since Big Deal: Cubs 0-2, Samardzija 1-0

July 7, 2014

Let the record show that the Chicago Cubs’ record since they traded away pitchers Jeff Samardzija and Jason Hammel to the Oakland A’s on July 4 is 0-2 and Oakland’s record is 2-0. And Smardzija’s record is 1-0. The statistical-analysis department at was taking the day off Sunday when Samardzija won his Oakland debut, […]

Rookie Abreu Hits 20th in White Sox victory

June 19, 2014

Thursday thoughts (or semi-reasonable facsimiles thereof): Chicago White Sox slugger Jose Abreu hit his 20th home run Wednesday in a 7-6 victory vs. the visiting San Francisco Giants. In doing so in his 58th big-league game, he reached that total quicker than all but two other rookies: Wally Berger (51 games) and Mark McGwire (56). […]

White Sox’ Abreu Runs Afoul by Not Running

June 18, 2014

Midweek musings: For those looking for a weakness in Chicago White Sox slugger Jose Abreu’s game, the rookie may have shown one in Tuesday’s 8-2 victory against the visiting San Francisco Giants: failure to run to first base after striking out on a pitch that ended up at the backstop. * Speaking of Sox weaknesses, […]

Manny Happy Returns — to Cubs’ Farm Club

May 26, 2014

Monday meanderings: Theo Epstein is a genius. How else can you explain the Chicago Cubs’ president of baseball operations signing Manny Ramirez to be a player/coach for the franchise’s Class AAA Iowa Cubs? * Making the Ramirez announcement on Sunday — the day before Memorial Day — is brilliant. Not only does such a move […]

Limited Degree(s) of Success for Cubs Home Opener

April 5, 2014

The Chicago Cubs’ home opener Friday was a success. Well, with the possible exception of the outcome (a 7-2 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies), the weather (38 degrees at game time with wind chill in the 20s) and perhaps a few other minor details. * The only warm thing that is present at every Cubs […]

Cubs Ready to Celebrate Wrigley’s 100th

April 4, 2014

The Chicago Cubs have their home opener Friday. It will be a celebration of all that is good with the team. Meaning, namely Wrigley Field, which is celebrating its 100th year (although the Cubs did not start playing there until 1916). As if there might be something animate for Cubs fans to be animated about? […]

Cubs Fans Dreaming an Improbable Dream

January 18, 2014

There’s nothing quite like winter weather to provide a perfect setting for a baseball team’s annual fan convention. Folks bundled up and scurrying about enter a building where warmer temperatures and delightful dreams await. And so it is with the Cubs Convention. If looking to the future is the idea, then the Cubs definitely are […]

Cubs Manage at Last to Name Renteria Manager

November 8, 2013

And I thought I had technical difficulties (which I did). After tuning in to the midnight edition of “SportsNet Central” on Comcast SportsNet, I didn’t feel quite so bad. After all, being unable to access my own web site was a pain. How would I create a fantastic Friday post? Or even a mediocre one? […]

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