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Chicago Crave Exits Bikini Basketball Association

January 24, 2013 @ No Comments

Normally, this site would be devoting space to the Chicago Bulls 85-82 victory Wednesday (Jan. 23) over the visiting Detroit Pistons. There would be effusive praise for Bulls center Joakim Noah’s outstanding effort that led to the winning points on a Marco Belinelli basket.

Danielle Riley and Porsha Lewis were part of the Chicago Crave’s second tryout Jan. 6, 2013, at L.A. Fitness in Tinley Park.

But since when do we do things normally around here?

Consequently, the majority of space will be devoted to other basketball news involving a Chicago franchise.

The Chicago Crave, which has yet to play a game, announced Wednesday it is withdrawing from the Bikini Basketball Association.

“While the Chicago Crave Bikini Basketball organization has made the decision to gracefully part ways from the BBA, the Crave organization still wishes the BBA the best in all its future endeavors,” Crave player/owner Korie Kellogg said. “However, we do not see longevity with our brand being affiliated with the Bikini Basketball Association.

“The Chicago Crave bikini basketball organization has been involved with the bikini basketball Association long enough to understand the trajectory of its culture, its people and its identity. We will not compromise who we are and what we represent to be a part of an association that does not share our values, views and beliefs. We are our own entity as we have never signed a franchise agreement with the BBA.”

Apparently Chicago Crave owner/player Korie Kellogg won’t be playing in this outfit. But that won’t stop us from running this picture of her.

What the future holds for the Crave is uclear. Just as it is for all of us. Then again, most of us are not putting together a women’s basketball team — with or without bikinis.

“In life, sometimes you have to take a step down to step up,” Kellogg said.

“We worked too hard to build a solid foundation from the ground up to let our house go down. We will not let this house fall down. That said, we will continue to build on it.

“We have real top-notch, professional individuals working for the Chicago Crave organization.”

Included, Kellogg said, is Tim Grover. The very Tim Grover who has been the trainer for Michael Jordan, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant and Kellogg’s former husband, Eddy Curry. The team has a dietician and a four-person coaching staff — and a third tryout tentatively scheduled.

“Our recognition has come through hard work with no shortcuts,” Kellogg said. “Chicago Crave is here to stay.”

Video from the team’s second tryout on Jan. 6, 2013:

Oh, and video of Noah’s effort that helped the Bulls prevail:


From football to wrestling, Summer Rae has adjusted nicely.

For those wrestling fans who would like to see some photos of Summer Rae, you are in luck.

For those who think the lovely lady might be familiar from elsewhere, once upon a time a few years ago Danielle Moinet played for the Chicago Blss of the Lingerie Football League before moving on to bigger and better things. To view some pictures from her WWE world, you can click here. She is featured as one of the divas on NXT.

For those who think this item is running merely for the sole purpose of running photos and video of Summer Rae, the editorial staff at would like to assure you that is not the case. Well, not entirely.

On the NXT web site, it says of one of our favorites from her days in Chicago:

This leggy former Lingerie Football League star has established herself as more than just eye candy here at NXT. Rae has quickly become a favorite of the NXT Universe with chants of “We Want Summer” echoing throughout NXT arenas – it seems the Raleigh, NC native has left an indelible mark on their hearts.

No argument with any of that from this vantage point.


A friendly reminder that “Sports & Torts” with co-hosts David Spada and Elliott Harris will be live at noon Chicago time on The guests for the Jan. 24 show are former Minnesota Vikings greats Paul Krause and Chris Doleman. The show also will be available on podcast later in the day at


For those wondering whatever happened to Katherine Webb since the BCS championship game, TMZ has this:

As long as we’re going to feature swimsuits (or swimsuit models such as Kate Upton), how about this:


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