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Bulls’ Pitch Courtship of Carmelo a Brief Fling?

July 2, 2014

Midweek musings: The Chicago Bulls’ courting of Carmelo Anthony on the first day of free agency occurred Tuesday at the United Center. The Bulls featured him on signage outside the building. That’s supposed to impress him when the New York Knicks can have him on a much larger-than-life video board in Times Square? * As […]

Bulls Aim to Improve Offense With McDermott

June 27, 2014

With the 16th and 19th picks in the 2014 NBA draft, the Chicago Bulls obtained Doug McDermott. Which is pretty much what happened when the Bulls made a trade Thursday with the Denver Nuggets, who had selected the Creighton University star with the No. 11 pick. A good move by the Bulls (at least on […]

Bulls Keep Sixers on Road to NBA Futility Mark

March 23, 2014

You want to know what is really incredible about the Philadelphia 76ers’ apparent attempt to be positioned to have the top pick in the 2014 draft? After their 24th consecutive loss Saturday to the Chicago Bulls, they still didn’t have the worst record in the league. The Sixers (15-55) trail the Milwaukee Bucks (13-56) for […]

LeBron Faces Reality of Loss to Bulls in OT

March 10, 2014

Monday meanderings: Who was that unmasked man? None other than LeBron James of the Miami Heat. The guy who scored 61 points last Monday while wearing a mask to protect a broken nose. The guy who went 8-of-23 from the field Sunday in a 95-88 overtime loss to the Chicago Bulls at the United Center. […]

Fredette a Sure Bet to Be Bulls Fan Favorite

March 3, 2014

Monday meanderings: And the award for best newcomer in a supporting role goes to Jimmer Fredette. His performance as a Chicago Bulls reserve might not have been worthy of an Oscar (Robertson, not the Academy Awards variety), but it was sufficient to excite Bulls fans in a 109-90 victory Sunday at the United Center. It […]

Bulls’ “Nutcracker” a Smashing Success

December 22, 2013

A pressbox colleague wondered why I was at Saturday night’s Cleveland Cavaliers-Chicago Bulls game at the United Center. “Wife kick you out of the house?” he wondered. No. And please don’t give her any ideas. Truth be told (and I told the guy), the reason for attending a contest between teams that are far from […]

Slice of Life: Surgery Ends Season for Bulls’ Rose

November 26, 2013

Random thoughts while wondering whether the headline for today’s effort shouldn’t really be: “Slice of Life: Surgery Ends Season for Bulls, Rose”: * The Chicago Bulls lost to the Utah Jazz 89-83 in overtime Monday in Salt Lake City. The Jazz entered the game with a 1-14 record, worst in the NBA. The loss occurred […]

Bulls Score Unimpressive Victory vs. Bobcats

November 19, 2013

On balance, the Chicago Bulls had one thing going for them in Monday’s game against the Charlotte Bobcats at the United Center: balanced scoring. All five Bulls starters scored in double figures. And that was a good thing for the Bulls, who needed just about any and all points in scoring an 86-81 victory. Beyond […]

Bulls’ Rose Exercises Freedom of Expression

July 4, 2013

Freedom of speech is one of many things Americans can celebrate on July 4. Hey, if such a freedom didn’t exist, you might not be able to read look at the photos and videos peruse what this site has to offer on a daily basis. And what a tragedy that would be. Exercising his freedom […]

Thibodeau, Forman Differ on Bulls Letting Adams Go

July 2, 2013

Most of the time, it’s a good idea not to see how the sausage is made. Whether that sausage happens to be the edible variety, legislation or news coverage (among other processes). And sometimes it is helpful to see precisely how things go down (with the possible exception being the edible variety, which for some […]

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